Regional Health Plan Uses Advanced Analytics to Pinpoint Target Audience and Increase Membership


A regional health plan sought to analyze 343,000 prospective households to expand their acquisition campaign and increase membership by:

  • acquiring and retaining more lives in their current county

  • expanding into five additional counties 


The health plan partnered with Welltok’s analytics team to analyze its local population. Welltok used its proprietary consumer database and supplemented it with the client’s data to create a longitudinal view of each individual. Advanced analytics was applied to stratify the population based on:

  • likelihood to respond and convert to the plan

  • likelihood to be retained by the plan

Welltok identified key predictors, including age, household composition, wealth and ethnicity. The team then provided the health plan with a prioritized list of prospects for outreach. Welltok discovered that:

  • top 10% high opportunity prospects were 3.2x more likely to be acquired than average

  • the model demonstrated good fit with a c-stat= 0.76, which means there are actionable results 

Welltok also analyzed the concentration of providers and the best prospects to identify gaps in the network’s coverage to support development of expansion strategies.


The Welltok’s analytics team was able to help the health plan pinpoint their exact target audience for marketing and sales outreach. This resulted in increased membership and reduced the cost per acquisition.


  • Improved conversion rate from 0.1% to 0.32%

  • Reduced cost per acquisition from: $500 to $155

  • Improved ROI from: 1.0 to 3.0