Joint Seminar Campaign Results in Astounding ROI


A hospital in the southern U.S. was looking to increase the volume of profitable payers seeking out their hip and knee replacement procedures. They decided to educate the community and inform them of their program by hosting a joint seminar.


The organization invited their partners, Tea Leaves Health, a Welltok company, into the strategic planning process early on. The team didn’t want to wait until their full encounter data was built into the Patientology™ application, so they decided to build a highly-targeted list using the prospect-only data in Patientology Express™. They targeted prospects via the Orthopedics – Joint Hip and Knee Tea Select. This ensured they were targeting those that had the highest likelihood to need the services being offered.

They executed a direct mail campaign that reached 9,000 male & female prospects ages 30-79 with the highest likelihood to need services. The creative promoted the time and date of the joint replacement seminar and featured a physician speaker.

The call-to-action drove recipients to a phone number to secure a reservation for the seminar. The organization also listed their website on the piece so recipients could get more information on the Orthopedic program if they couldn’t or preferred not to attend the event.


For this campaign, Tea Leaves applied the following Success Criteria*: Service Line – Ortho: Hip & Knee. In this case study we are measuring only hip and knee procedures at the address level. Even though the clients used the Express application to begin the campaign, we have the ability to go back and measure the extent of their success after their full application was complete and their encounter data incorporated


  • An astounding $766.51 return for every $1 spent

  • $5,042,687.40 in total charges