Large National Health Plan Uses Personalized Outreach to Increase Medication Adherence by 18% & Improve Star Ratings by 1-2 Stars


As an end-of-year push within a tight timeframe, a large national health plan sought to identify and target Medicare beneficiaries with diabetes, hypertension, and/or high cholesterol for a medication adherence program. The plan wanted to educate its members on the meaning of adherence, learn about their barriers, and ask about their satisfaction.


By working with Welltok’s engagement team, the plan identified over 78,000 Medicare beneficiaries taking multiple medications daily with a proportion of day covered (PDC) rate between 65% and 80%.

Welltok targeted these members to encourage participation in a medication adherence program via tailored automated calls. Members received a personalized message that included up to three drug names they were currently prescribed. The member was asked several questions relating to their medication, with the primary focus to help them overcome adherence barriers. The call then provided a personalized barrier-breaking tip to help the member overcome obstacles.

Finally, a satisfaction question was asked and a Net Promoter Score (NPS) was collected to measure the correlation between member satisfaction and medication adherence.


The outreach strategy proved to be effective in increasing medication adherence. Additionally, results showed that intent to fill is predictive of adherence, and those with their medications ‘on hand’ are more likely to fill; however, copay cost and Low Income Subsidy (LIS) status also played a role. Population insights revealed barriers by therapy class as well. 


  • 18-23% improvement in fill rates for those contacted vs. those not reached 

  • 1-2 stars improvement across medication categories.