Large National Health Plan Uses Targeted Outreach to Increase Childhood Screenings by 3X


In an effort to provide cost-effective clinical preventive care and improve their return on investment, a national health plan sought to increase well-child visits, immunizations and/or blood lead tests for its Medicaid population. 


The plan partnered with Welltok’s engagement team to target and outreach to over 12,700 Medicaid households in the state of Florida. Each household had a child that required at least one of three preventive health services (well-child visit, immunizations, or blood lead test) as prioritized by the health plan. Each household received both a call and a follow-up letter.

Automated calls were launched over a two-week period in September and were designed to remind the responding member to get services, ask them when they intend to schedule an appointment and request a Net Promoter Score (NPS).

Finally, letters were mailed to homes at the close of the call program, highlighting the need for up to three unique tests for up to two children per household. 


By targeting specific households using various channels of engagement (automated call and follow-up letter via mail), the health plan found that the communications campaign motivated parents to get their children screened, particularly for well-child visits.

The program was designed to target multiple children within a household with a single outreach, thereby increasing efficiencies and improving the member experience while lowering overall costs.


  • 14% of the population got at least one screening within 90 days of communications
  • 3X more likely to get a well-child check up if households received the communication