Leading Disease Management Company Teams Up with Welltok to Drive Flu Vaccinations and Achieves High Rates


A large disease management (DM) company had the goal of reaching its high-risk enrollees (using the risk characteristics defined by the CDC) to remind them to get their fl u shots. The company knew that direct mail would take more time to develop and have limited reach, and that nurse case manager outbound calling would be too expensive.


The DM company teamed up with Welltok to create a call program to remind 23,000 Medicaid high-risk members in eight states to get their flu immunization. Reaching these members with effective messaging leading to their getting the flu shot would reduce overall healthcare costs and improve member satisfaction with the DM program.

Each outreach call was customized on the various state Medicaid programs, complete with program-specific communication. It was also customized based on ways enrollees could access the flu vaccine, such as calling:

  • their local health department

  • their primary care physician

  • into a triage line set up by their health plan so the member could be referred to a local site to get the immunization

There were multiple versions of the call geared to those members whose primary language was Spanish. The calls also reached the targeted population within a one- or two-day call period.

The results of the flu shot campaign were very successful. Welltok reached 40% of the DM company’s targeted population. Welltok and the company then created a follow-up program to measure which DM program enrollees actually got the shot after receiving the call. The results showed 65% of the population reached actually got the fl u shot after receiving the reminder call. In addition, recipients were asked if they found the call helpful and more than 50% answered yes.


The campaign resulted in increased flu vaccinations and improved member satisfaction.


  • 65% of the respondents got the flu shot

  • 40% of the target population was reached

  • 50% of respondents found the call to be helpful