Open Enrollment Opens the Door to Nearly 15,000 New Patients


A nonprofit healthcare organization located in Northern California wanted to reach out to new households in specific ZIP codes surrounding the six primary regions within their market to drive service line utilization. The goal was to increase awareness of primary care providers and services to new movers, right within their new neighborhood.


The hospital marketing department partnered with Tea Leaves Health, a Welltok company, and used their Patientology query builder to find new movers from outside of the primary service area and cross-town movers from within the service area. They created monthly triggers to drive new movers into specific facilities located near their homes.

The organization used the list campaign feature within Patientology to download lists each month for these campaigns. The call-to-action directed households to services provided and encouraged them to establish a primary care provider.


The organization used the innovative *Tagging and *Success Criteria reporting features to demonstrate the success of their new mover program. By tagging the monthly campaigns together they showed at an aggregate level the increase in new patients to their facilities through this program.

After tracking downstream encounters for the fifteen months since the program began, the automated reporting is showing positive results (as measured over a control group). In this case study we are measuring all encounters (not specific to any service line) at the household level.


  • 13.45% Overall control-adjusted response rate

  • $11,556,836 Control-adjusted total charges from new patients