Predictive Analytics Increased Outreach Precision Rate by 70% for National Health Plan


A large national health plan identified an opportunity to improve engagement rates and close gaps in care for its commercial population.


The organization engaged Welltok for their SmartReach solution, which combines predictive analytics driven by consumer data and multi-channel communications. This combination would improve the targeting strategy and engagement rates for the client’s diabetes program.

First, Welltok performed a receptivity analysis. Leveraging their proprietary consumer database of 275 million Americans, they developed a predictive model to determine each individual’s receptivity to the program and their preferred method of communication, specifically, IVR and mail. Key variables for the model included age, income and neighborhood demographics.

The health plan had a budget for outreach for up to 150k individuals. With over 200K individuals who were identified as candidates for outreach, Welltok prioritized those most receptive to mail for mail and those most receptive to phone for telephonic outreach.

By applying Welltok analytics’ IVR and mail receptivity models to the target population, the health plan increased their outreach precision rate by 70%. This translated to an additional 3,875 people receiving the message about diabetes care and prevention for every 25k individuals targeted.


Welltok’s SmartReach solution helped the health plan achieve their goals by optimizing their outreach strategy and focusing their resources on those most likely to take action.

By applying Welltok analytics receptivity model to their population, the client increased their outreach precision rate by 70%.

When applied to the entire diabetes management target population, the additional medical cost savings driven by targeting and an increased receptivity rate equates to $746k.


  • 70% increase in precision rate

  • $746K in medical cost savings