Regional Hospital Creates a Path to Better Health for Its Associates


A large regional hospital knew that in order to achieve better health outcomes and reduce costs, they needed to cultivate a culture of health for their entire community, starting with their associates first. Made up of 22,000 staff members, this population included everyone from clinicians to administrative personnel. They sought to find a flexible platform that would generate positive health outcomes.


To lead the efforts and drive significant value, the hospital partnered with Welltok and adopted the CaféWell Health Optimization Platform as their single digital wellbeing platform. Their goal was to use CaféWell to facilitate and engage their associates in small lifestyle changes that would eventually add up to big health improvements and better outcomes.

Using incentives tied to premium levels, associates were encouraged to complete health assessments and biometric screenings including:

  • blood pressure
  • body mass index (BMI)
  • cholesterol
  • glucose levels
  • smoking cessation

Implemented in 2014, the program is still running strong with more and more engagement from employees.


Thanks to CaféWell, a well-designed incentives strategy and effective communication campaigns, the client has been achieving impressive results. "CaféWell is a great way for us to focus on the health of our associates. It brings together multiple vendors in an engaging, effective solution." -VP of Benefits


  • 75% of eligible population registered 
  • 82% of registered members have completed health risk assessments

  • 81% of registered members have completed biometric screenings