Targeted Barrier-Breaking Communication Improved Statin Medication Adherence by 85%


A top-tier national health plan aimed to drive medication adherence by proactively encouraging commercial and Medicare members with diabetes and heart disease to refill their prescriptions on time. The plan looked to provide barrier-breaking messages to help members overcome obstacles to remaining adherent. The health plan also wanted to design a solution that could measurably increase quality of care and health outcomes, while also improving clinical and administrative efficiencies.


The health plan partnered with Welltok’s engagement team to automate outbound calls that reminded members with diabetes and heart disease on the importance of refilling their statin medication. Members were contacted only when they were 21+ days past due for a 100-day refill.

The outreach was delivered through interactive automated phone calls with tailored and HIPAA-compliant messages. The sophisticated dialog included:

  • educational messages on the importance of statin as a life-long medication

  • options to hear about a convenient way to refill

  • questions to determine personal barriers to adherence

  • transfer options to a nurse coach or 24/7 pharmacy order line

  • messaging to encourage member to switch to mail order

To assess the impact of each outreach, claims data was analyzed and compared to the refill rates of those who interacted with the call versus those who did not.


By applying the right message to each population, the health plan had an 85% improvement in refill rates and achieved a 39% success ratio, meaning that 39% of those who interacted with the call refilled their statin medication within 3 weeks of listening to the message. Welltok was able to automate all calls to members, which increased administrative efficiencies and improved quality of care.


  • 85% improvement in refill rates compared to those who didn’t interact

  • 42% of those with convenience issues refilled after hearing a barrier-breaking tip

  • 27% of those not intending to refill, did so after hearing barrier-breaking tip

  • 71% of targeted members heard the message