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Targeted SMS Outreach Increased Engagement for Hard-to-Reach Members with a 76% Reach Rate


A regional health plan sought to effectively target and communicate with their hard-to-reach Medicaid members with asthma and/or diabetes. The plan wanted to ensure that these members received information on how to manage their condition(s).


The health plan partnered with Welltok’s engagement team to target and conduct outreach to their Medicaid members. Welltok created a multi-channel campaign that included three communications to an initial population of 21,500 Medicaid members.

The initial bilingual automated call invited members to enroll in the ongoing SMS text program, and collected opt-in and mobile phone numbers. The outreach included two chances to opt-in to the program, with the second chance option discussing the specific condition pertaining to each individual member.

Upon opting in, a second communication was sent via SMS text confirming enrollment and welcoming them to the program. Once confirmed, the member then received weekly SMS text messages including tips on living with asthma and/or diabetes.

In total, enrolled members received up to 52 one-way messages and 12 two-way messages over the next year on relevant topics.


Welltok’s multi-channel communications program reached targeted members quickly and effectively, driving sustained program engagement, and ultimately increased loyalty, retention, and healthy behaviors.

The initial SMS text enrollment calls yielded an above average reach, authentication, and enrollment rates for this typically difficult to engage group.


  • 11% enrollment rate for Medicaid members in the weekly SMS text messaging program
  • 80% remained enrolled in the program throughout the 52-week period
  • 76% reach rate, exceeding expectations for this hard-to-reach population