Timely Outreach Significantly Reduced Missed Appointments and Saved Health Plan $3M


A national health plan struggling with the number of home health appointments kept and confi rmed. In an effort to drive down unnecessary costs, they sought to contact their 213,000 members who were enrolled in a home health program to confi rm if they were keeping their appointments with their care coordinators.


The plan partnered with Welltok’s engagement team, leveraging the robust communications technology to deliver automated appointment reminder calls.

Prior to their appointments, members received a proactive call that was designed to ensure they answered the door, met with their care coordinator and completed their appointment.

Over one year, Welltok targeted more than 213,000 members with an average of 37 visits per person. The program was designed to manage by exception and increase member satisfaction.


The outreach campaign proved to be very successful. Operationally, together with the cost of communications and reduced staff, this resulted in a savings of approximately $3M for the plan. Qualitative feedback from members suggested that members appreciated the effort and overall satisfaction was increased.


  • 19% reduction in missed appointments
  • $3M in approximate plan savings
  • 70% of target population was reached