COVID-19 Vaccine Survey Results


Survey Results: Consumers Speak Up on COVID-19 Vaccine Communications

This Is Your Shot: Get Your COVID-19 Vaccine Communications Right 

The COVID-19 vaccines offer a ray of hope for many, but just because vaccines are available doesn’t mean everyone will get the shot. Getting people vaccinated against COVID-19 will require personalized and consistent outreach. This can only be accomplished with predictive analytics that inform whether an individual will be first in line to get the vaccine or may be hesitant.

Given the importance of COVID-19 vaccine outreach and Welltok’s expertise, we surveyed 1,000 adults across the U.S. to give a voice to consumers on the topic. This report covers important findings like:  

  • Who they really think will get vaccinated
  • The best ways to get their attention and drive action
  • The biggest barriers to getting people vaccinated 

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