Client Success Story:
Fortune 500 Company Reverses Health Risks and Reduces Healthcare Costs

Delivering Results That Matter

Reversing healthcare costs and negative health trends were top priorities for one Fortune 500 company concerned about the wellbeing of its people - and its bottom line. They pinpointed high cholesterol and hypertension as two focus areas to reverse health risks and reduce costs.

The company knew they needed to invest in resources that would proactively involve employees and their dependents in their health with relevant programs and preventative care actions - an approach that would pay off in more ways than one. By leveraging Welltok's Total Wellbeing Solution, they were able to anticipate individual needs and create a personalized experience, achieving results like: 


decrease in pre-hypertension rates (≥ 120/80) 


decrease in high LDL cholesterol



increase in doctor’s visits