How to Use Analytics to Drive Employee Health Engagement

As an employer, you invest millions to help employees avoid illness, keep chronic conditions at bay, and foster a happy and productive workforce. But offering the right programs isn't enough. Unless you know who to target with which programs, and how best to communicate with employees, you will not get the value you want or need.

Advanced analytics can reveal patterns, predict outcomes and inform more effective program design and communication strategies - based on facts and evidence. They are critical to delivering personalized experiences and optimizing spend.

Leveraging advanced analytics may sound complex, but it doesn’t have to be. Check out our new smart guide to learn:

  • The fundamentals of advanced analytics and their critical role in driving year-round employee health engagement

  • How to motivate employees to act using targeted communications

  • Actionable tips and recommendations for creating measurable results and what to look for in a solution partner

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