The Business Case for Consumer Health Engagement

"Does consumer engagement provide results? How much value can 10% engagement drive? How can I maximize my programs?" 

These are top questions among healthcare executives and something we set out to answer by studying 14 years of consumer health insights and a goldmine of academic and industry research.

The findings show that plans stand to save millions by boosting engagement. In fact, engaging consumers in health programs is one of the most impactful financial actions a plan can undertake. A million-member Commercial health plan could drive over $130M in new value by getting just 10% more members engaged.

This new whitepaper delves into the results of Welltok’s groundbreaking research, including:

  • A framework to help plans quantify the value of engagement

  • Strategies for unlocking the value of engagement

  • What activities drive the most financial value  

  • How to harness technology to increase engagement

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