Forrester & Welltok: Winning the Battle for Patient Loyalty in a Digital-First Future

4 Takeaways from guest Forrester Analyst, Arielle Trzcinski:

1. The healthcare consumer is empowered. Consumers are more than willing to explore opportunities to improve their quality of care. Understanding your consumers’ wants and needs is critical as we focus on consumerism within the healthcare space.

2. The key to a successful digital strategy is a frictionless experience. Making this process seamless requires that your messaging is actionable and impactful for achieving their personal health goals.

3. Go beyond the four walls of your clinic. Show you know your consumer outside of the clinical setting and help them break down the barriers preventing them from achieving their highest wellbeing.

4. Listen to the consumer… and keep listening! Your patients want to be engaged in a particular way. By using advanced analytics and consumer insights, you can reach them with the right message at the right time via the right communication channel.  

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