Why the HTA Chose Welltok for Consumer Health Engagement (and Why You Should Too)

The Health Transformation Alliance (HTA), a co-op of 47 major companies like American Express, IBM and Lincoln Financial, recently selected Welltok as its principal partner for consumer health engagement, accelerating the HTA’s mission to elevate the health and wellbeing of millions of employees and dependents nationwide. 

The vetting process was extensive, but only Welltok takes a data-first approach to fully understand and predict employee needs to optimize program design and deliver the greatest value.

Check out the video below to learn why Welltok stood out to the HTA and why you should work with us, too.

What Makes Welltok Unique?

"Welltok stood out for its data-driven approach to more effectively get employees actively involved in their health with the right programs and incentives, as well as evaluate program effectiveness within and across the HTA members." 
- Robert Andrews, HTA CEO